Calling all Ladies – Make your Move with NHF in 2017!

Calling all Ladies – Make your Move with NHF in 2017!
January 05, 2017
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Another New Year is upon us which for many of us, means the annual 'get active, stay active' new years resolution, emphasis on staying active! Make sure you are taking care of your joints in the process because women with bleeding disorders can have joint issues, too! Learn more about joint health and physical activity with a bleeding disorder by tuning into NHF’S ‘Make Your Move’ Physical Therapy Webinar Series! The first topic in the series “Half Life and Your Life” already happened but you can listen to it by going here:

And make sure to join us for the rest of the webinar series led by physical therapists and learn all about keeping your joints healthy. Topics include: physical activity with a bleeding disorder, ankle and knee joint, parenting a baby with a bleeding disorder, and using technology as a part of your fitness routine.  This series is for men, women, boys and girls with bleeding disorders so pass this along if you know a friend, mom, dad, uncle, aunt, sister or brother who may be interested!

Click the link below to register and learn more about the series!

Happy 2017!

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