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April 18, 2019
Storybooth is changing the way youth share their truths through storytelling. Storybooth created a...
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April 02, 2019
April 2 marks Equal Pay Day in the United States. This symbolic day represents how far into a new...
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March 29, 2019
  This Women's History Month and Bleeding Disorders Awareness month we honor five female...
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March 15, 2019
Posted on behalf of community member Mary Ann Massolio, Hematology/Oncology Social Worker, Tampa FL...
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March 03, 2019
Being a parent of a child/children whom has a bleeding disorder is hard. However, being a single...
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Ovarian cysts
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February 20, 2019
According to the United States Center for Disease Control and Prevention ovarian cysts are common...
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January 11, 2019
Happy New Year!!! Lets Start off this New year Right!! Don't Forget to Let me Know what you want to...
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November 28, 2018
Check out this webinar It's Genetic, Baby from the Hemophilia Federation of America (HFA). Genetic...
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Experts Answer:

Being a carrier does not affect menopause. If one uses hormonal therapies, withdrawal bleeding from the uterus can occur, but this is not a period. I would consult with your gynecologist, as vaginal bleeding following menopause needs to be monitored and at times evaluated for other conditions.

- Dr.Expert

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