The Ivy League 'Period Girl'

The Ivy League 'Period Girl'
November 28, 2016
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As women with bleeding disorders know very well, all periods are not created equal! Having said that, even if one person’s period puts them out of a commission for a month, while another may not be as affected by it, periods are something women and girls all over the world can bond over.  Periods can be  challenging in their own way for various reasons for many women.  For some it may befrom the stress and health complications, for others it may be the tampon vs pad debate and still others it may be not be having access to feminine hygiene products. One young woman, Nadya Okamoto, discovers through conversations with homeless women that having access to feminine hygiene products is often a major struggle. Okamoto created Camions of Care, an organization to help women in need receive feminine hygiene products. Read more Okamoto's powerful story and her role in the 'menstrual equity movement.' See the link here!

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