Happy New Year Ladies!

Happy New Year Ladies!
January 03, 2017
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Happy New Year ladies! I hope everyone had an awesome holiday season! Well now that we're back in the full swing of things, similar to most people I am one of those people that makes New Year's Resolutions. However I do have every intention of keeping my resolution, sooo take that all the naysayers out there lol. As I reflect on last year, at the 201 in person training in Decemeber I made the commitment to continue to learn as much as I can about the bleeding disorders community and be of assistance in anyway I can. So with that being said I'm starting the New Year off right, with this commitment as one of my New Years resolutions! I'm curious ladies, what are some of your New Year's resolutions?

And if you haven't already. be sure to check out my recap of the 201 in person training that took place in December in the Stories section of the site. Let us know what your commitment is to the women of the bleeding disorders community in the New Year in the comments section below. 

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