Tips for the Single Parents

Tips for the Single Parents
March 03, 2019
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Being a parent of a child/children whom has a bleeding disorder is hard. However, being a single parent is extremely hard. I felt like, “How will I be able to manage?” I thought I had a great system going and now a medical condition. “Oh my, what will I do?” All kind of questions came to mind. “Will my health insurance cover the meds? Is my job going to understand? That it's just me; so, when the school calls to say she's having a bleed again and I need to leave, not to mention it is the third time this week. Or when I'm late for work because she had a bleed before I left the house. I already live on a budget. I'm losing money because of missed hours at work.”

Then my sweet little baby says, “Mommy I want to be a cheerleader.” I just couldn't say no. I'm thinking how can I do this by myself. We lived in a big city and my parents who I trusted and could offer help lived two hours away. Yet, even if they could help, I thought to myself, “Can she do this sport she has a bleeding disorder?”

It was time for me to get creative and get some help for us. I wanted to share with you the things I did (not necessarily in this order) and maybe if you are a single parent these tips may help you get through some difficult times:

I prayed a lot and waited for GOD.  What I realized is, He heard me, He knew I had a problem and He did.

I applied for housing in area (section 8) and utilized it until I began to make more money. Then I was able to buy a home.

I asked my social worker how they can assist with rent, and utilities, and what sports so my child could take part in. Participation in sports had to be approved and later it was granted.

I spoke to the local nonprofit organizations/charities, churches and asked for assistance with child care. Sometimes these organizations have vouchers to give for free service. And as for repayment, I volunteered for their different events. It was very rewarding. Plus, I met more people who were in the same boat as I was, and we shared information.

I made friends with the other parents on her cheer team. I began to trust them, and we developed a favor system among each other and it worked. 

The most important tip I can give you is this, I prayed a lot and waited on GOD to see me through the tough time I was having.

And you know He did just that.




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