UK women bleeders

UK women bleeders
August 26, 2018
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Hello everyone,

I’m wondering is there is anyone else here from the UK? It would be great to get to know others around me.

Best, Katherine 


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Hey Katherine! Welcome to the Victory for Women community!
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Hi Katherine! I am also in the UK. My diagnosis came by sheer accident, as I was on holiday (within the uk), when had a bleed, and they couldn’t pick up my GP records, so had to run lots of tests that they wouldn’t normally do....but I was pregnant. I have since felt that so many women must go undiagnosed and that I was just ‘lucky’ in this way... which is not fair, as I’ve had bleeding issues all my many of you on this forum! Do you have a haematology plan in place?

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Katherine Tyson
Canadian in the UK with my genome over with Cambridge. Carrier with an undiagnosed bleeding disorder. I’ve always had excessive bleeding without knowing why, and it was only recently that I’ve been told it’s a bleeding disorder. I want to get to know others who have similar experiences
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