Our red ties are for YOU, Victory for Women!

Our red ties are for YOU, Victory for Women!
March 31, 2017
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Although Bleeding Disorders Awareness Month is coming to a close, supporting women and girls with bleeding disorders doesn't stop here! Help us to keep this momentum going, in raising awareness for women with bleeding disorders. In fact, this year's focus of World Hemophilia Day April 17 is women with bleeding disorders. So exciting!

Be sure to visit www.betteryouknow.org to see how you can the spread word on behalf of women with bleeding disorders, all year long! And don't forget to post photos of you taking the Red Tie Challenge here! Happy Bleeding Disorders Awareness Month 2017!

Pictured above left to right: Chelsea Frimpong, Education Specialist, Kate Nammacher, Senior Director of Education, Corinne Koenig, Manager of Education and Training

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