The Three T's of Technology in Fitness

The Three T's of Technology in Fitness
September 29, 2017
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Technology & Fitness: Using Technology as a Part of Your Fitness Routine

Happy belated National Women’s Health and Fitness Day! In today’s day and age fitness and technology can go hand in hand with the click of a button! Not only can you go for a walk but you can track your steps, set walking goals, AND even create and challenge teams! Our latest webinar in the Make Your Move Physical Therapy Webinar Series presented by physical therapist Debbie Voss discusses the role technology can play in staying active and reviews various types of fitness apps and online tools available. Just a sneak peek, the webinar breaks down three questions to ask yourself when deciding what you are looking for in a fitness app/online tool. 

1. Teach- Would you like to learn specific exercises and how to perform the exercises correctly?

2. Train- Would you like to use an app or videos that have specific workouts?

3. Track- Would you like to monitor your level of physical activity?

To hear more about how fitness apps/online tools can be incorporated into your own life, watch the full webinar above! Do you currently use any apps/online tools that you'd like to share with the Victory for Women community? Let us know in the comments section below! 

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