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March 03, 2019
Posted on behalf of community member Mary Ann Massolio, Hematology/Oncology Social Worker, Tampa FL.vWD Type 1 Mild  Intimacy, sexual health and sexual desire are important at any age. Though your...
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October 10, 2018
Did you know that approximately 50,000 women in Sweden have a bleeding disorder, but only about a thousand have recieved a diagnosis? Many are living with a bleeding disorder without realizing it. ...
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July 07, 2018
Read our Victory Spotlight Chapter Staff Honoree, Melissa Reike's Post: 'Story of My Diagnosis.'   My earliest recollection of bleeding issues began with having my tonsils removed in 3rd grade. I...
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April 04, 2018
Posted on behalf of community member Jo Funderburk, Founder of Moms Like Her.  “Please be a boy, please be a boy, please be a boy…” during the early days of my pregnancy with Bub, that was the...
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The Victory Spotlight is a woman who has demonstrated her commitment to making her voice heard on behalf of women and girls with bleeding disorders through education, advocacy, mentoring and service. She represents and celebrates the potential of...Read More