Overheard at NHF's Annual Meeting!

Overheard at NHF's Annual Meeting!
July 25, 2016
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NHF had a full line up of sessions for women with bleeding disorders. Here are some of the thoughtful and inspiring tidbits overheard in the presentations and conversations in the sessions. Women are letting their voices be heard! 

  • “If you showed up in your life as your true authentic self, would anybody recognize you?”-Jenné Fromm
  • “I want us to be confident enough to live a life #nofilter.”-Jenné Fromm
  •  “The way you can do more, be more, is to pursue big, scary goals.”-Jenné Fromm
  • “It’s silly not to use the tools we have.”-Jenné Fromm 
  •  “There will always be a first step.”-Jenné Fromm
  •  If the choice is to stay in the bed or get out of the bed and go to the pool at 5 am, then I’m going to choose to stay in the bed. But if the choice is to stay in the bed or get out of the bed and go to the pool knowing that my daughter will feel better knowing that mommy is trying to improve her health and won’t get sick, then the decision will always be to get out of the bed. –Jenné Fromm 
  •  “We are meant to do the things we dream about.” - Fred Wilson 
  • “It doesn’t matter what your background is. I’m not a doctor, or nurse, but with passion we can do so much."-Participant 
  •  “When we share our stories and experiences we can get things done.”-Participant
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Jenne' has a strong personal vision to see people join her to succeed. She is an encourager with a plan and doesn't mind sharing it. Thanks!!

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